Why Upgrade from Rocket Passport PC to Host to Rocket Terminal Emulator?

Get the benefits of enterprise-class terminal emulation

Rocket® Terminal Emulator (formerly Rocket® BlueZone) is an enterprise-class, highly configurable terminal emulation solution.

For Rocket® Passport PC to Host users like yourself, there are several benefits to upgrading to Rocket Terminal Emulator.

A more comprehensive solution.
Unlike Passport PC to Host, Rocket Terminal Emulator includes:
  • Expanded support for 6350, UTS, and T27
  • VBA scripting engine, script host, debugger, and dialog editor
  • Time saving session settings such as customizable power pad floating and docking windows.
Power Pad configured to launch frequently used functions

Extra security features
Rocket Terminal Emulator has additional security features like data masking that support your enterprise security policies.

Data masking to protect sensitive personal data

Easy and intuitive
Exceptional configurability makes using Rocket Terminal Emulator easy for beginners—and fast for experts:
  • Hotspots as buttons and customizable power pad
  • Intuitive administration console to manage all configuration/settings
  • Ability to self-manage concurrent license usage
  • Thai and bidirectional language support (Arabic and Hebrew)

Admin Console for management of all settings

World-class support and training
We automatically migrate your Rocket Passport PC to Host settings and configurations to Rocket Terminal Emulator. Our in-product tutorials accelerate your learning curve. And, if you need help, our experts will ensure any custom scripts are transferred appropriately.

Decades of investment
Terminal emulation is an area of ongoing investment for Rocket Software. With a robust roadmap and decades of investment, Rocket Terminal Emulator will continue to deliver new capabilities, like TCP/IP print server and IND$FILE file transfer, that are unavailable in Rocket Passport PC to Host.

Upgrade pricing and a free trial
Rocket Passport PC to Host customers on active maintenance are eligible for this upgrade. Please complete the form or contact your Account Executive to learn how you can take advantage of this offer.

Check out the Rocket Forum to learn more about upgrading from Passport PC to Host to Rocket Terminal Emulator.

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