Help is here for critical medical equipment manufacturers

There has been a massive increase in global demand for life-saving medical equipment. Current manufacturers are doing their best to increase their production, but it’s still not enough. They’re facing challenges with current suppliers and need to quickly source new ones to cope with increased production volumes.

Governments have reached out to manufacturers in other sectors, including the auto industry, to ask for help producing ventilators either by creating new products, or collaborating with existing medical equipment manufacturers.

We’re here for you and your partners

We want to do our part, so we’re providing free access to our engineering and manufacturing supply chain collaboration solution, Rocket TRUcentrix until October 1, 2020. With TRUcentrix, manufacturers can eliminate the use of uncontrolled methods, such as emails, shared folders, spreadsheets and other disorganized processes to facilitate agile but organized collaboration with others.

TRUcentrix enables manufacturers to set up new JV partners and suppliers quickly and start sharing data and documents that speed the design-to-manufacture of medical equipment, especially ventilators. TRUcentrix is a cloud-ready solution to help you overcome business challenges such as:

  • Engaging and onboarding new JVs and suppliers
  • Sharing product design (CAD) data as well as manufacturing and production documentation
  • Protecting valuable IP being shared with new JV partners and suppliers
  • Keeping track of key tasks and activities including an audit trail to avoid delays and mistakes
  • Reducing risks and lost time due to the continued use of inefficient processes
  • Providing automated notifications to users to take action on assignments or keep up with project changes

Want to learn more? Complete the form on the right and we will contact you to discuss how TRUcentrix can help.

This offer is available only to companies who are new to TRUcentrix and qualify from being involved in the manufacture of essential medical equipment needed for the COVID-19 pandemic. Free use of TRUcentrix will be made available for all qualifying companies until October 1, 2020, including access to Rocket customer support. TRUcentrix may be used in production or test environments. Use after October 1, 2020 will require a license or subscription purchase. Rocket reserves the right to reject applications for this offer.