Find the vulnerabilities in your mainframe before bad actors do

The mainframe is your enterprise's digital fortress – fast, reliable, and seemingly secure. But imagining the mainframe as an impenetrable stronghold may lead to some rather stressful nights for enterprise risk management leaders who don’t prioritize it within their security strategy.

Consider this: A mere 33% of organizations consistently integrate the mainframe into their security strategies.

That leaves a staggering two-thirds inching closer to preventable calamities.

What's Lurking in the Shadows?

Experienced eyes like yours know the threats are as varied as they are devious. Just one vulnerability left unchecked and you might be grappling with lost revenue, hefty remediation costs, or even a hit to your hard-earned market share.

How Can You Get Started?

When it comes to actions, there are many crucial steps you can take. From proactively monitoring threats to implementing robust defense strategies, we share the mission to keep your mainframe secure.

Read Rocket Software’s infographic, “Think Your Mainframe Is Secure? Think Again”

So, what are the steps you can take today to protect your mainframe? In this infographic, you will learn:

  • The Importance of Proactive Monitoring on the mainframe. Understand why keeping a vigilant eye on your mainframe is non-negotiable, and the profound impact it has on safeguarding your organization's data integrity and operational continuity.
  • First Steps Toward Fortification: Discover actionable insights on kickstarting a robust vulnerability management strategy. It's like laying the foundation of a fortress—critical to defend against threats.
  • The Spectrum of Vulnerability Categories: Uncover the various categories of vulnerabilities that could affect your mainframe. Much like understanding an adversary, knowing these vulnerabilities is the key to crafting an impenetrable defense.
Read the Infographic
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