The Rockstar in Your Data Center: The IBM i Platform/The IBM Z Mainframe

Hard facts to keep your CIO from pulling the plug on your platform

Let’s face it. In a push for greater IT efficiency or competitive superiority, the first thing that’s going to end up in your CIO’s crosshairs is your “legacy” platform and its applications. Yet you know that to rip it from your IT infrastructure would, in fact, be a crippling business decision—so how can you best defend its value?

With facts like this one: IBM® i and IBM Z® lets your teams use modern technologies, tools, and processes.

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  • Gain an understanding of your platform’s true capabilities and the potential for innovations and savings
  • Learn how to successfully demonstrate that your IBM i or IBM Z platform can remain an essential part of a competitive IT ecosystem
  • Bolster your business argument with hard facts that can help your CIO reinvent critical business processes—without the cost and risk of replatforming or replacing your systems

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