Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019 | 11:00 am EST

Curious about Rocket® D3® 10.3.1?

If your business relies on your mvBase application, you’ll be interested to learn how D3 10.3 1 offers a path forward. Benefits include improved performance and encryption/SSL enhancements for securely sharing data.

Modern features, such as Python support, will even help you extend the life of your application and attract new development talent. In D3 10.3.1, Python can access your application as a native language, similar to the way D3 supports BASIC.

Join Rocket’s Tim Rude and Brian Cram on -----September 19------ to learn all about D3 10.3.1 and discover how to enhance your mvBase application for increased value and business opportunity.

During this webinar, Tim and Brian will discuss:
  • An upgrade path forward for mvBase customers. You’ll gain access to modern features and future updates, as well as familiar features that we’ve added just for you.
  • Python support. Easily extend your D3 application functionality and attract and retain new development talent.
  • Performance enhancements across the dataserver engine including query, run-time and SQL enhancing the end-user experience.
  • Security enhancements including SSL connectivity and encryption enhancements that enhance data-sharing security.