March 8, 2023 On-Demand
Inspiring Growth: The Power of Professional Networks

In today’s new world of work, the shared perspectives andÔÇ»experiences we gather from our connections are ones that will shape our path toward success and allow us to grow into the leaders we aspire to be. 

I’m excited for you to meet Bobbi Dangerfield, Senior Technology and Operations Executive, Advisor, Investor, and Certified Mentor, as well as active board member for Susan G. Komen, the Travis Association for the Blind, and the Texas Conference for Women. We’ll also be joined by Alice Rodman, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Program Manager and lead for the Aurora Program at Rocket Software.  

Grab your coffee and listen in on this International Women’s Day conversation where we discussed:
  • Building your leadership skills, network and community  
  • Unlocking your full potential and instilling confidence 
  • Opportunities to thrive and grow in your career 
Your community starts here! Watch now and make this new year full of successes to celebrate.
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Inspiring Growth: The Power of Professional Networks

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