To manage your enterprise information in the most efficient, cost effective, and secure manner, you need to evolve your connectivity to Db2 for z/OS.

Join us for IBM Db2 Connect Technical Summit on Dec 6th, 2022,
a virtual event specifically tailored for the global Db2 community.

During this no-charge 3-hour event, we will have a focused technical exchange on IBM Db2 Connect, including the latest updates, demos, and customer case studies.

Some of our top product leaders and IBM Champions will be sharing their best insights and expert how-to guidance on various aspects of IBM Db2 Connect for z/OS with you.

Topics include:
  • Latest and greatest z/OS specific enhancements
  • Db2 Connect configuration tips and tricks
  • Monitoring and managing your distributed workload including use of Db2 profiles
  • Frequently asked questions on packaging, deployment, and upgrades
And to wrap it up, a discussion on critical success factors for enterprise database applications including availability, scalability, performance, and security.

Rocket Software is a trusted, strategic IBM partner, with a relationship that began over 25 years ago. Our partnership spans multiple IBM brands, solutions, and platforms, including IBM zSystems and Power Systems. 19 Rocket Software employees have been recognized as the 2022 IBM Champions, more than any other company in the world.
Features considered in the CI/CD for IBM® i+ DevOps whitepaper:
Clarify test requirements during the planning phase
Involve testers and QA teams early during planning. This clarifies the types of tests required, the tools to be used, and the agreed-upon testing conditions.
Adopt a collaboration-friendly DevOps platform
Enable seamless collaboration and testing between developers and testers with an end-to-end DevOps platform featuring multiple code repositories and test environments. Your chosen platform should also integrate with multi-code IBM® i applications or environments in order to facilitate testing on these popular core systems.
Ensure your chosen testing tool is code-agnostic