We look forward to your participation and are excited to work with you to develop solutions to help you address your business challenges. We hope you’ll engage with our alpha/beta products, and with our technical and product management teams.

U2 Toolkit for .NET 2.2.3 Beta Expectations

  • Timeframe – Starting November 2021
  • Active participation for a duration of 4 weeks
  • Attend weekly meetings
    • Format: a 1 hr weekly meeting including topic overview, dev Q & A and feedback from prior weeks
  • Provide feedback on how we can improve the product
  • Install and test multiple beta software drops
U2 Toolkit for .NET 2.2.3
U2 Toolkit for .NET (UNDK) 2.2.3 is the long awaited update to include the latest .NET support, .NET Standard 2.0. The UNDK 2.2.3 beta will provide you the opportunity to influence the product as well as collaborate with our development team and fellow UNDK beta participants.

Here is a brief overview of beta topics and v2.2.3 enhancements:
  • Explore the advantages of .NET Standard 2.0 over other versions of .NET
  • 2.2.3 will be a U2 Toolkit for .NET Provider release with Entity Framework (Developer) to follow in 2022
  • Visual Studio 2019 support
Important notes to participate:
  • UniVerse and UniData only
  • OS Platforms Supported: Window 2012+

To confirm your participation, please fill out the form. You also need to agree to the Restricted Use License agreement. Signing up now helps us plan next steps.