Welcome your host-based apps to this century

Your host-based applications are critical to your success. But the user interfaces are outdated and hard to work with. Enter Rocket API: the easiest way to build better application programming interfaces (APIs) and provide real-time access to enterprise app functionality—without invasive and potentially risky changes to the code.

Rocket API unlocks tremendous new value with APIs that expose core functions via web services, so you can deliver new web and mobile experiences without recoding.

See how easy it is in our new eBook "9 Ways to API-Enable Host-Based Enterprise Apps".

Unlock greater value from your host-based systems:
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    Package host-based app functions for use with the latest applications & technology

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    Integrate green-screen application functionality with web and mobile initiatives

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    Improve efficiency with enhanced workflows

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    Offer easy device- and platform-agnostic access to your enterprise systems

Rocket API is engineered to:

  • Create composite APIs to embed in new user experiences
  • Enable users to access information with any device at any time
  • Integrate critical systems and data into new applications without touching back-end code
  • Minimize risk and eliminate costs associated with rebuilding enterprise application portfolios
  • Preserve the custom business logic in your host-based applications
  • Relieve pressure on dev teams by accelerating delivery for complex new capabilities
  • Deploy anywhere: on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid
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