We're ready for your Extreme Tech Makeover. Are you?

Transform your tech without trashing it.

Think of it as the ultimate "before and after" photo. Now, there are green screens and frustration; tomorrow, there will be beautiful GUIs and web and mobile-based experiences. Extreme Tech Makeovers are what we do here at Rocket Software. Our goal is to "transform your tech without trashing it"—and to minimize the money, time, effort and risk required to do so. Let's get you started with our Modernization Evaluation Toolkit. With it, you can quickly assess your needs and confidently determine which approach is right for you. For a very limited time, it's free for you to download.

Every Rocket Extreme Tech Makeover is engineered to:
  • Be fast, easy and low-risk to implement;
  • Integrate with any/all green-screen systems;
  • Come with world-class implementation support;
  • Produce faster and dramatically smoother workflows that improve productivity and morale;
  • Transform your customer interfaces into web and mobile-friendly experiences;
  • Leverage third-party APIs to create richer workflows;
  • Have you up and running in weeks—not months; and
  • Completely eliminate the risk of "ripping and replacing" but achieve the same goals quicker, with less cost and disruption.

Rapid Transformation

Increase productivity and accessibility now!


An Extreme Tech Makeover by Rocket Can Help You To:

  • Gain Access to External APIs and Web Services
  • Enable Sales Automation on Mobile Devices
  • Implement Customer-Facing Web Interfaces
  • Edit Your Application Workflow to Make It More Efficient
  • Allow Backups to the Cloud