Business Intelligence and Data Visualization for Rocket MultiValue Databases

Rocket® CorVu NG: The BI and Analytics Solution for Rocket® D3 DBMS, Rocket® mvBase DBMS, Rocket® UniVerse and Rocket® UniData

What good is your data if you can’t see it, work with it, and leverage it for business advantage?

Rocket® CorVu NG delivers powerful business intelligence, data visualization and high-impact analytics natively from Rocket® D3 DBMS, Rocket® mvBase DBMS, Rocket® UniData, and Rocket® UniVerse data sources—providing unique value, as well as the insight needed to make fact-based, business-critical decisions. Create stunning visualizations for existing queries, including Rocket SB/XA Queries and Smart Queries.

The CorVu NG data-driven visual design canvas supports any user interaction against a disparate array of MultiValue, relational and flat data stores. Application developers experience a powerful, intuitive, and flexible environment that allows them to build rich, interactive applications that seamlessly support their business requirements and provide their users with a “second nature”-type interface.


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Webinar: Announcing CorVu NG with Rocket D3 & mvBase DBMSs

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On-Demand Webinar

Rocket CorVu NG - Exquisite Data Visualization & High-Impact Analytics Natively from Rocket U2 Data Sources

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Rocket CorVu NG for Rocket MultiValue


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Rocket CorVu NG va NATIVO con Rocket UniVerse y Rocket UniData


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Rocket CorVu NG et Rocket UniVerse et UniData


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CorVu NG and U2 Case Study: Solutions4Strategy



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Features and Benefits of Rocket CorVu NG with Rocket MultiValue

CorVu NG Benefits:

  • Share critical business data across the enterprise
  • Build comprehensive reporting and data visualization solutions to meet specific business needs
  • Provide ad-hoc access to data, analytics and intuitive information visualizations
  • View reports and dashboards independently or embedded inside web pages and web applications
  • Access your data anytime, anywhere with the free Rocket MyVu mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Leverage a variety of authoring and runtime environments that cater to a wide range of end user skill levels

CorVu MultiValue Native Interface:

  • Supports D3 DBMS, mvBase DBMS, UniData, and UniVerse
  • Full Dictionary Item support
  • Run existing System Builder and Smart Query objects

CorVu NG Features:

  • Connectivity
    • Relational
    • MultiValue
    • NoSQL and beyond
  • Dashboards
    • Provide end users with direct access to enterprise data
    • Highly customizable—support any conceivable UX
    • Federate data from multiple source to a single display
  • Visual Applications
    • Ultra-thin client (CorVu Express)
      • Deploy your visual app and nothing else
    • Support any work flow
      • Procedures
      • Full write-back
      • JavaScript
    • Build with your users in mind
      • Integrated self-service discovery canvas

CorVu NG Empowers Business Users:

  • Dynamic dashboard canvases can be integrated in to visual apps allowing end users to assemble their own visualizations
  • Business end users are empowered to:
    • Drag and drop data sets onto their canvas
    • Select from a variety of built-in chart types
    • Review or change what data is presented
    • Connect charts together to filter by selections
    • Save and optionally share with colleagues

CorVu NG Goes Mobile:

  • Deploy dashboards to any surface or mobile device via the web
  • Utilize the free Rocket MyVu app for iOS and Android to work with and leverage data on-demand anytime, anywhere