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Better customer service Through Improved User Interfaces

You’ve built tremendous value into your existing systems, yet without modernization you may be losing market share and customers to newer, more agile competitors. Applications used by your customer-facing employees lack modern user interfaces and are plagued with inefficient workflows, negatively impacting customer relationships. Not to mention the difficulty of finding skilled developer resources to program on your current systems.

modernize. don’t compromise.

Rocket Modernization solutions instantly unlock the value and capabilities within your IBM Z and Power Systems, bridging the gap between business needs and current capabilities.
  • Rapidly deliver customer-facing employees best-of-breed applications, interfaces, and workflows to serve customers quickly, accurately and productively
  • Capitalize on the capabilities and information in your existing systems and deliver them in new, intuitive user experiences via APIs
  • Avoid the disruption and risk of ripping and replacing by enabling developers to be more productive with low-code development that eliminates the need for any skills or knowledge of the host systems
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Monitor & manage app lifecycle automation and modern DevOps

time reduction

for internal and external compliance preparation and documentation.
Integrate legacy systems with modern applications & data

Development time reduction

Update from
Green Screen to GUI

Reduction of training and onboarding time

for new employees.

the rocket advantage

  • Committed to developing innovative solutions to help clients integrate legacy systems with modern systems
  • Continuous support before, during, and after the deployment process
  • Ongoing IBM Partnership to help IBM Z and Power Systems customers build tomorrow’s innovative products and services.
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