Rocket MV HA/DR Helps Customer Pass DR Test with Flying Colors

Date:    Wednesday July 18, 2018
Time:   1:00 pm EDT

In this webinar, Ron Plesko, President of Interleaf Information, describes how Rocket’s MultiValue High Availability solution helped him prepare and successfully pass a government-mandated disaster recovery shutdown test.

Ron explains, “The most amazing part of UniVerse replication is that it can be performed seamlessly between two servers that are over 180 miles apart.”

Other highlights:

  • Avoid costly system outages and reputational damage
  • Add new workloads without impacting production performance
  • Limit damage from disasters by instantly using data from a constantly-updated replica

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Featured Speakers:

Speaker 1 Picture
Jonathan Smith,  Principal Engineer - UniData Advanced Technical Support
Rocket Software

Speaker 2 Picture
Ron Plesko,  President
Interleaf Info Ltd.

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